Hello! This is Admin Jiaxin from KwangSoo Singapore Fanclub!

Admin Adilah and I (She’s on the left & I’m on the right in the photo) love the shirts and badges! Normally the white shirts we buy online would be thin and be able to see through, but the shirts from Daebak were of good quality and at the same time not too thick! (Singapore is really warm by the way) All the designs were printed clearly without signs of fading. Keep designing Daebak admins!

Admin Lily was really helpful and friendly, prompt with email replies even despite the lengthy inquiries and a long list of hiccups I encountered which she helped to solve one by one! She has done us a big favour, thank you so so much Daebak Shirts! :D

Jiaxin & Adilah, KwangSoo Singapore Fanclub.

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We specialize in Running Man designs!

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What color should the Running Man bracelets be? (Not the font color, but the bracelet color.)
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July 6, 2012

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