Name Tag Requests: There have been several people who have provided us with the wrong email ):

Please provide us with the correct email so we can notify you that your requested name tags are ready >_<

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ATTENTION ALL CUSTOMERS (click me!): Increase in price?

There will be a 10% increase on all products :\ sometimes next week?

This is something that neither of the admins can control, but we will try our best to get you guys coupon codes to save some money. We will still try to keep everything the same price if possible. But when Spreadshirt changes the prices for us, we won’t be able to fix the prices at that very moment because we’re not sure when they’ll start/finish changing the prices.

Keep in mind that it’s the original printing company that’s increasing their prices. We’ll try our best to keep it affordable! We understand that shipping is very expensive x_x

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When e-mailing us,

We would really appreciate it if there’s a subject whenever you e-mail us rather than leaving it blank. We rarely check the spam box(sadly, certain emails do end up in the spambox ): ), and when we do, sometimes we hesitate to open some e-mails because they have no subjects at all.

But we want to thank those of you who have been putting subjects on the emails. Anything’s fine: Running Man Shirt, RM Question, Order, Inquiry, Request..etc. But please don’t leave it as no subject.

Thank you!
-Admin Y-Lan and Lily

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Some people have been wondering how coupon codes work.
We hope this helps!

Some people have been wondering how coupon codes work.

We hope this helps!

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IMPORTANT: To Whom It May Concern.

We, the creators of Daebakshirts make all our designs from scratch, hand drawing it to create the vector designs. That’s why it takes some time for us to make new designs. About the complaints, I would like to clarify that we create designs based off of what our customers request of us. For all images from the Running Man episodes to cartoon graphic images other authors may create, we do not copy the exact image. If you compare our designs, they are pretty different. Even our Running Man logo is not the same like the original. But then again, we are not perfect, and some of our designs may be too similar. We have changed most of our designs, but if there’s one that’s the EXACT same as an original creation down to the very detail, please let us know so we can redraw it again. Email us the picture and the design that matches it, so we know what to change. Also if you contact us via our ask box, please don’t be an anon when telling us the problem, because we want to be able to message you back, showing you our changed product. We also want to take the time to thank those of you who have helped us with our mistakes. Thank you!

-Admin YLan & Lily

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  • Who are you guys?

DaebakShirts consists of 2 admins running the shop. Y-Lan & Lily.

  • Where are you guys from?

From our mom. The Earth. USA.

  • How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

Everything you would want/need to know about shipping rates is here. &Yes we ship internationally.

  • What countries do you ship to?

Check our new updated list here!

  • How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Standard shipping takes about a week or less. It might take longer during holidays such as Christmas.
USPS International Economy takes approx 3 weeks but is not trackable.
UPS International Premium takes 1-6 business days and is trackable.

  • Can I customize a shirt?

Of course! Just e-mail or message us the name you would like on the back of the shirt you want. Be sure to include which shirt you want to be customized and what color you want the shirt to be!

  • Are the name tags tearable?

As of now, the name tags are just printed-on. We are not able to make tearable/rippable name tags yet. There’s always DIY Velcro…

  • Can I submit a design?

Of course! Designs and ideas are always welcomed.

  • Where do I put the coupon code at?

Here’s a GIF for that.

  • Any other questions, comments, or concerns?

Ask here or email us at

updated 04.18.12.
updated 07.02.12.
updated 06.15.14.

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We specialize in Running Man designs!

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