Upcoming Designs (Crossed out means it’s available!):
  • Kang Gary “Are you Gerald?” -04.19.12.
  • Jaesuk Space Power (Requested) -04.19.12.
  • Ha Ha Time Power (Requested) -04.20.12.
  • Tiger & Giraffe Couple -04.22.12.
  • Gwang-vatar -04.23.12.
  • Kim Jong Kook & His Two Kids (Requested by: Anonymous)
  • Monday Couple -04.25.12.
  • Gary Stress!(Requested by: John) -04.26.12
  • Haha Rosa (Requested by: hadonghoon)-04.29.12
  • Feel Touch Cross! (Requested by: rainbowsandchocostars) -08.24.12
  • Kwang Soo & His wings. -04.29.12.
  • Big Bang in Running Man (Super Powers) -07.24.12
  • Entire Cast :D (Requested by:truth-unfolds) -05.21.12
  • Gary Dice (Requested by: orangebutch) -05.06.12
  • Bad Jihyo (suggested by:danginator)
  • The PDs (suggested by:danginator)
  • Maknae FD Go Dong Wan (suggested by:danginator)
  • Kwon Ryeol VJ (suggested by:danginator)
  • Gary’s #1 Lollol with Gary’s face & Heart (suggested by: ceeeromantique) - -06.03.12.
  • Gary Robot.
  • Something like about Joongki coming backk or we miss joongki” (Requested by: Joyce L.)
  • Any other requests/suggestions?

• POSTED: 2 years ago | April 23, 2012 at 4:47 PM

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